Dublin Man Spends €54k On Cauliflower Ears To Look Like Hero Conor McGregor


FOR Dublin man Jeremy Casey, UFC Champion Conor McGregor is more than a hero, he’s a way of life.

“He’s just deadly he is,” Casey began. “From the moment I set eyes on him, I knew I wanted to be just like Conor. His movements. His style. He is everything I want to be in life”.

Last week, the 36-year-old underwent a 17-hour operation to cosmetically change the appearance of his ears to match his idol.

“I’m glad I got them done now,” he explained, gently caressing the tender skin around his right ear, “It’s sore an’all, but I think the doctors did a great job on them. You wouldn’t even notice that the skin is from me hole. These cauliflower ears are worth every penny”.

So far Jeremy’s surgery has cost him €54,000, money he inherited from his uncle who passed away last year.

“It was either get the ears done. or start up me own security business,” said the long-term unemployed man, “It’s a good investment I think. I’ve already got interviews lined up with Joe.ie, Goss.ie, Benchwarmers and there’s talks of appearing on Joe Duffy. I’m going to be fucking minted after this. There’s big money in impersonating celebs”.

It is understood Casey has also secured 43 likes on a picture post of his ears on Facebook, and 3 shares.

“All I’ve got to do now is sit back watch the TV offers flow in,” he concluded.