Comments About Shooting Hillary Passed Off As “Classic Trump”


“THAT’S just Donald, you know? You gotta be on his wavelength to really get the true meaning of what he’s saying. Otherwise, it just sounds like a bunch of horrible shit”.

WWN is talking exclusively to Harriott Cassidy, one of the 15,000 people currently working on the PR Damage Control (PRDC) team for Donald Trump as he continues his bid for the US presidency.

The Trump PRDC team was in full effect this morning, playing down an interview by the Republican nominee in which he insinuated that were Hillary Clinton to attempt to interfere with gun laws in America when elected, she might be promptly shot to death. The statement was quickly played down by the PR team and by Trump himself, with Harriott explaining to us that we simply weren’t looking at the statement properly.

“That’s just classic Trump,” said Cassidy, answering 1,000 emails per second.

“You might think that he’s just said something horrible, or racist, or treasonous, or racist, or misogynistic, or utterly psychopathic… but really, it’s all presidential, and it’ll all make America great again. You want America to be great again, don’t you?”

Our interview was paused midway as Cassidy received a call from a senior Trump aide. “He fucking said what?” she said, gathering her belongings and rushing out of the room.