75% Of Renters Under Impression They’re Getting Deposit Back


A NEW survey has shown that there remains a significant portion of the rental market that harbours a belief that their security deposit is waiting for them when they move out, God love them.

Over 75% of people surveyed believed that the security deposit they paid, usually equivalent to one month’s rent, will be returned to them by their landlord when they hand back the keys. This statistic means that just a quarter of the people who live in rented accommodation have come to terms with the fact that this money is gone, and they will never see it again.

While all renters accept that security deposits are taken by landlords to cover any damage done to the property during the tenancy, the survey shows that only a small portion of renters know or accept that this means if you even breathe wrong in your rented apartment, you have more chance of finding a diamond ring in a 99 than getting that cash back.

“You’ll have to live in a different flat if you want the deposit back on this one,” said David Gannihan, who conducted the survey.

“Either that or go treat the place like it’s a clean room in a pharmaceutical factory. If you’re under the belief that your security deposit is also your savings, and that you’ll be able to use it as a deposit on your next place, then pal I have some magic beans that you might be interested in”.

Gannihan went on to state that you could ‘run the hoover’ around your flat before your landlord checked it if you really want to, but that ‘you’re really just wasting your time’.