Rest Of Bus Hasn’t The Heart To Tell Commuter He Smells


A PACKED bus headed into Dublin city centre hasn’t the heart to tell a commuter that he smells, WWN can exclusively reveal.

The young man, wearing a suit, and seated next to an elderly lady had gained the interest of the nostrils of all passengers when he boarded the 46a on the N11 earlier this morning.

The odour, a mixture of sweat, dead badger and something the passengers just couldn’t put their fingers on, soon spread throughout the bottom deck, prompting looks of discomfort and disgust.

“He has to know he smells, right? I’d tell him, but I don’t want to embarrass him,” one passenger speculated to the person sitting next her, but an alternative and equally compelling theory was offered in return.

“But see, if you are used to smelling like a used nappy dragged backwards through a sewer, you’ll be used to it so the smell doesn’t stand out to you,” the smelling veteran of 55 years opined.

As the bus reached Donnybrook several passengers appeared as if they were about to share with the young commuter that he may be best advised to have a shower, but the decision to stay quiet was reached as getting any closer to the individual could risk further nostril abuse.

All passengers on the bus resigned themselves to holding their breath until they passed out.

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