Donald Trump Emails HACKED After Hackers Use ‘IvankaBangMyDaughter’ Password


IN an embarrassing turn of events, US presidential nominee Donald Trump has had his private emails hacked, shortly after requesting that Russia hack into the email accounts of his political opponents.

Not content with encouraging disharmony in the America by asking the public to embrace hatred, fear and ignorance, Trump urged Russian intelligence services to hack into the accounts of the Democratic party and of their nominee Hillary Clinton.

This act, which has been described by many as ‘treasonous’, led to one intrepid 13-year-old to hack into Trump’s own email account by simply guessing what his password was.

“Like Mr. Trump, I have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to bang his daughter Ivanka,” the horny teen Mark Carmichael explained, alluding to the many public utterances Trump has made in the past about how if she weren’t his daughter, the Republican nominee would very much like to date Ivanka.

After typing in the password ‘IvankaBangMyDaughter’ Carmichael found a treasure trove of unsent email drafts which carried the subject lines ‘the best plans for defeating ISIS, believe me, the best’, ‘turning the economy around, so many jobs’ and ‘immigration reform’. However, the contents of each draft were empty.

A separate draft entitled ‘best dictators, I mean, they were just the best’ contained a 14,000 word account of the world’s best dictators.

The majority of sent emails by Trump were forwards of pictures of his daughter from her modelling days. In total, over 5,000 emails were forwarded to Ivanka with variations of the phrase ‘if you weren’t my daughter’.

In response to criticism of his despotic approach to his political opponents, Trump’s camp were firm in their communications with the media.

“I think it is unfair to compare Donald and his encouraging of foreign countries to carry out covert spying in America to the work of dictators like Saddam, Hitler and Stalin, mainly because these guys weren’t big on emails,” a Trump spokesperson shared with WWN.