Calvin Harris Releases New Single ‘Baggy Fanny’


SCOTTISH music producer and DJ Calvin Harris surprised his fans last night by unexpectedly dropping a new single titled ‘Baggy Fanny’.

“Just something I’ve worked up over the last day or two,” tweeted Harris to his 7.9 million Twitter followers.

“Hope you enjoy it, felt good to release something that is close to my heart”.

The 3 minutes and 49 seconds track is reminiscent of Harris’s earlier work, and features just one lyric (‘baggy fanny, never seen such a baggy fanny’) set to a pumping techno beat.

The track comes complete with 2 B-sides titled ‘You Can Hear An Echo’ and ‘Tie A Board Across My Back’, as well as a number of remixed versions of Baggy Fanny, including ‘Baggy Fanny – Clown Pockets Mix’.

Harris, 32, recently underwent a messy break-up with pop sensation Taylor Swift, which resulted in an angry Twitter spat earlier this week. Although Swift is known for basing her songs on previous relationships, Harris assures fans that his new track isn’t based on anyone in particular.

“This track isn’t based on anyone in particular,” he tweeted.

‘Baggy Fanny’ is the first single from Harris’s upcoming album, ‘Throwing A White Pudding Into The Hoover Dam’.