Office Worker Probably Not Going To Mentally Start The Week Until Tomorrow


A DUBLIN office worker, who spent most of their weekend dreading going back to work is set to mentally check out for much of today, opting to properly start their week tomorrow.

“At 9.03am, I was raring to go, in that ‘OK, just another 35 years of this bullshit, you can do it’ way, but then about 3 minutes later I was back to hating everything so I’ve just decided it’s best to put off doing any real work until tomorrow,” confessed office worker Orla Jennings.

The 32-year-old marketing executive had spent the duration of her bus journey into work psyching herself up to the point where she could conceive of starting the week off with a bang, but has now resigned herself to avoiding all work related matters until tomorrow.

Jennings will spend much of the day working hard on looking like she is working hard, but the remainder of her day will be dedicated to daydreaming and impressive flights of fancy.

“I’m not set on what I’ll daydream about, it could be winning the Lotto, but I think I’d like explore what it would like to live in Game of Thrones, but not be, like a main character, but like how hard would it be for the nobodies in that world, ya know?” Jennings queried while biting on the top of her pen and giving her best ‘I’m thinking really hard’ face just in case any of her superiors were to walk by.

Jennings is expected to break up the day with an extra long lunch and 9 trips to the toilet which will involve sending countless Whatsapp messages and Snapchat stories to friends.