Lad With Portugal In Office Sweepstakes Acting Like He Won The Euromillions


HAVING won a whole fifty euro in the Euro 2016 sweepstake held among the workforce of one Dublin office, Graham McBannon is to spend the majority of today acting like he’s the country’s newest Euromillionaire.

McBannon, 28, managed to pick tournament winners Portugal from a hat four weeks ago, and cited his skill at selecting a random scrap of paper as key to his success in the pool.

“Some people are just legends, like me,” said McBannon, kissing the fifty euro note as if it was the Jules Rimet trophy.

“To everyone else who tried to win the sweepstakes, look, we can’t all be winners. You either have it or you don’t, baby. And I clearly have it. One more time for Graham! Hip Hip!”.

Co-workers in the city centre, accountancy firm were forced to endure a 35-minute victory chant from McBannon, prompting many to eat their lunch at their desks today in a bid to avoid listening to him any more.

“He doesn’t even watch football,” said one exasperated clerk.

“And he didn’t even know Portugal were in the final, until we told him on Friday. I hate France, but I was praying that they’d win just so I wouldn’t have to listen to Graham’s bullshit on Monday”.