Government Announce Sequel To Irish Water


DUE to popular demand, the Irish government has announced the stunning sequel to one of Ireland’s most beloved and celebrated entertainments, Irish Water.

While planning for the sequel, tentatively titled ‘Bin Charges’, was said to have taken place months ago and was the brainchild of former minister Alan Kelly, Fine Gael are very much central to its planning, execution and eventual cancellation.

“Everyone’s talking about it,” shared government policy expert Aoife Slattery, “and you’ve got to hand it to Fine Gael, no one rolls out a fuck up quite like they do”.

Demand for bin charges is not believed to be as low as Irish Water at its height, but experts have assured WWN that given time, the government will perform enough u-turns and contradictions to sufficiently rile up interest and anger.

“Right now you might say ‘oh I’m not bothered by it’, but give the government a few weeks to annoy you with empty promises, contradictory statements and I guarantee you, you will be more annoyed by this stuff than you thought would be humanly possible,” terrible planning and execution expert Thomas Lynam explained to WWN.

Depending on various sources, the new bin charges, slated to come into effect on the 1st of July will benefit some 87% of households, or plunge us into a Mad MAx style post-apocalyptic future in which the public will be forced to shower in its own faeces.