Facebook Memories Reminding Local Woman How Uncool She Was


DUBLIN woman Jessica Gormley has had it up to here with the barrage of Facebook memories she is being subjected to, WWN has learned.

Gormley, 25, was initially a fan of the feature which reminds you of postings made in the past on the social network, but is now entirely against the feature as it just serves to remind her how crushingly uncool she was.

“Every image and status is just a vivid reminder that I was about as cool as an ice cube in a desert, the fucking state of me like,” Gormley explained.

“Honestly, Facebook is grand, but I don’t need to have that awful fringe and my attempts at overdosing on fake tan shoved in my face,” Gormley added.

The sales manager was keen to stress that her uncool days were firmly behind her.

“I’m fairly cool now like, I’m mad for Ed Sheeran, I pose beside my dinner a lot, I’m always posting gym selfies, so when I get a Facebook memory in about 5 years from now, it’ll be grand. No fear of me looking like an eejit then,” Gormley astutely observed.

IT is estimated that only 0.00004% of Facebook memories result in a feeling other than regret and embarrassment.