Cross On Wall Turning Upside Down Of Its Own Volition Probably Nothing To Worry About


A LOCAL Waterford family has reassured themselves that the presence of a cross on their sitting room wall, turning upside down of its own accord is probably nothing to worry about.

Keen to ignore one of the many signs that an unspeakable evil has entered their home, couple Eamon and Sinead Collins are in agreement that such occurrences are part and parcel of the quirks present in all old homes.

“Look it, you can’t argue with it, the asking price was very low,” Eamon insisted.

“The house was built back in the 70s, and sure all the houses back then had fierce slippery walls or something. I’d bet crosses were forever turning upside down and making that terrifying screeching noise as they did it, very normal,” Eamon reasoned, while clinging to his partner for dear life.

“Someone else might say it’s most likely haunted by demonic figures, but the attic can’t be beaten for space. The storage is a godsend,” Sinead insisted as she laughed off the scream-inducing incident.

The couple later admitted that they only intended on using the attic once the horrific scream emanating from it ceased.

Just to be on the safe side Eamon and Sinead have stopped dressing their twin daughters in the same clothes, and have their local exorcist on speed dial just in case.

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