EURO 2016: Paris Crisp Touts Selling Packets Of Tayto For €30 Each


IRISH fans travelling to the European Championships in France are being warned to avoid purchasing Tayto crisps from street touts, as many packets have been reported to be counterfeit.

So far over 200 complaints have been made over the illegal touts, many of whom are selling single packets for as much as €30.

“I got four packets for one hundred euros, but when I opened them they didn’t taste the same. Robbed we were,” one victim told WWN, who somehow managed to forget to pack his suitcase with the Irish made potato crisp, like a big eejit.

“I’ve since sent for an emergency supply to be sent over, and should be here before the Ireland game,” he added. He even got in touch with Mr.Tayto and asked him to help another spud out.

Irish fans who have yet to travel to France are being urged to stock up on Tayto before leaving, to avoid disappointment.