Dublin Girl To Give This Ramadan Diet A Go


DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly was overjoyed to discover a new diet fad called ‘Ramadan’ which she intends to embrace fully in order to maximise her exposure on her 29 social media accounts.

The ‘dieting fad’, known to most people as the month long religious observance by those of the Muslim faith, involves fasting from dawn until sunset, and is believed to be just the Dubliner’s 457th new fad of the year.

Emer informed friends of her intention to try the new diet in a Facebook post earlier this morning, and revealed that diet, just like Yoga is ‘incredibly spiritual’.

“#LifeGoals #Gym #RamadanDiet #HealthBeforeWealth,” read the inspiring post which was accompanied by a picture of the 23-year-old in her gym workout gear.

Emer commissioned the photoshoot in her local gym herself and chose to pair gym gear with runners, and a set of weights she had no intention of ever using, marking Emer’s 13th exercise-less gym photoshoot in recent weeks.

According to sources close to Emer, this is the 17th religious practice she has ignorantly incorporated into her daily life for weeks at a time, with many tenets of other faiths keeping her ‘totally Zen’ for much of the year.

Emer is expected to spend the next month on social media posting variations of the phrases like ‘fast to last’, ‘blessed’, ‘no pain no gain’ and ‘ramadamned if I do, ramadamned if I don’t’.