Stuck Up Couple Only Invite You To Afters Of Wedding


A FRANKLY despicable couple from the Waterford area have outraged a number of friends and acquaintances, including you, by extending an invite to just the afters of their upcoming wedding.

“Invite might as well just say ‘fuck you’, the stuck up fuckers,” shared an angry and livid you, unable to contain your shock and hurt at the implication that comes with an ‘afters only’ wedding invite.

Traditionally, being invited to only the afters portion of a wedding is a couple’s way of letting someone know they are hated and worse than the shit on the couple’s shoe. It is not thought there could be any other reasonable explanation for why someone you worked with briefly in 2009 wouldn’t want you at the church or meal.

“What, they think I can’t sit through a boring church service for an hour and pretend to happy for them? The pair of pricks. I’m a grown man, I can do that no bother,” you added, enraged that couple Aaron Collins and Sarah Caulfield deemed you less than deserving of an invite to their small, family and close friends only ceremony.

“Sure, remember I gave Sarah that lift home from Galway that time, didn’t even ask for petrol money. And this is the thanks I get, she’s knows how much I bloody love a good wedding day,” you continued, pondering how the couple could have been so selfish.

It is believed you then devoted much of the next hour to listing out the various reasons why you always disliked Aaron and Sarah anyway, and in hindsight aren’t actually bothered by their heartless snub.