Amy Huberman Being Very Quiet About Kinahan-Hutch Feud


NEWSPAPER outlets across the country are waiting with baited breath for national sweetheart and ferocious political commentator Amy Huberman to break her silence about the deadly gangland feud currently raging in Dublin.

Huberman, adorable, is a regular contributor to news websites in Ireland, who take her tweets and somehow spin entire articles out of them.

Tackling topics such as Amy Huberman, what Amy Huberman did at the weekend, TV shows Amy Huberman watches and things Amy Huberman eats or drinks, the editors of Irish content aggregation sites have been able to put their kids through college with the revenue generated by articles about Amy Huberman’s Twitter feed.

However, the bubbly mother-of-two has yet to offer her take on the vicious Kinahan-Hutch feud, which added another body to the list this week with the daylight murder of crime figure Gareth Hutch on Tuesday.

“I’ve gotten so used to the Independent website featuring Amy Huberman every other day, that I’m not sure what to think any more without knowing Amy’s stance on the matter,” said one angry online commentator.

“Does she think the gang war is totes awky? Does she have a GIF to sum up the escalating bloodshed? Can we at least see a picture of Amy and Brian curled up on the sofa drinking wine while watching Six-One in horror? It’s no wonder these newspapers are in the state they’re in”.

Meanwhile, Amanda Brunker has been shopping around an article about how the Hutch-Kinahan bloodshed has affected her relationship with Bono, although nobody has expressed any interest in it.