Snack Box Granted UNESCO World Heritage Status


FOLLOWING in the footsteps of the Waterford Blaa, the humble snack box has been granted the honour of becoming a UNESCO world heritage food.

The Blaa, Champagne and feta cheese had received the stamp of quality from UNESCO for their unique geographical and cultural significance to their specific region, and now the humble snack box follows suit.

“I absolutely love tearing into a snack box when I’m shitefaced,” shared UNESCO judge and snack box enthusiast Fredirico Sanz.

“3am, Galway, Supermacs. Snack box heaven. All of us on the judging panel felt it was only right that the snack box got some credit and a new status,” Sanz added, the crumbs of a snack box still visible at the corners of his mouth.

Going forward, the UNESCO status is good news for so many stockists of the traditional snack box, but there is a worry that opportunist are already trying to capitalise on the news.

“Chips, two pieces of chicken. That’s a snack box. Now we’ve heard disturbing reports of places selling all manner of new age healthy stuff and calling it a snack box. Violence it too good for those folks, it’s frankly disgusting,” concluded Sanz.