Local Woman On A Budget Going To ‘Find Herself’ In Roscommon


FIONA DORAN, a self confessed ‘spiritual’ person is to spend 4 unforgettable and life changing days finding herself just outside Roscommon town rather than India due to a small budgetary issue.

Had she enough savings, Doran confirmed she would probably fly to Delhi to spend time with a Yogi master who would cleanse, wash and blow dry her chakras while helping the 27-year-old to unlock the location of her true self.

“I’m all about, you know, finding myself. Ideally, I’d be off on a remote retreat in Bali, Cambodia, Peru or wherever but an Airbnb opposite the Lidl there in Roscommon will have to do,” Doran explained to WWN.

In an effort to find inner peace and self-knowledge that has thus far eluded the spiritually conscientious Dubliner, Doran has made sure to pack a CD of relaxing ‘soundscapes’. Sounds of whales mating are believed to be the perfect stand in for a beach side spa resort in an exotic far flung location.

“I got the place for cheap in fairness and don’t really have the budget for India, but my soul has the budget to allow myself to become one with everything in a converted cow shed listed on Airbnb,” Doran positively responded while packing a yoga mat into her suitcase.

Doran’s 4 day trip will allow her the perfect opportunity to examine and question herself while in a meditative state, and it is thought the ear-piercing road works on Lanesborough street will not affect the process in any way.