Waterford Newborn Christened Beyoncé O’Neill Under No Pressure


WATERFORD child Beyoncé O’Neill is probably under no pressure at all to emulate the success of her namesake, international singing sensation and goddess, Beyoncé Knowles, WWN understands.

“That makes, what? A grand total of two Beyoncés in the world, and let’s face it, she’ll be doing well not to be referred to as ‘the shit Beyoncé’ when she’s older,” Beyoncé O’Neill’s grandmother, Audreyshared with WWN.

The 3-week-old was impeccably behaved at her christening in Waterford city last Saturday and it is believed she is the first in the O’Neill family to be named Beyoncé.

O’Neill family insiders revealed that parents Kevin and Tríona finally settled on a name after very little thought, and it is rumoured that they were heavily influenced by their mutual love for popstar, icon, businesswoman, trailblazer, dancer, mother, feminist, not feminist and professional fierce person Beyoncé.

“A lot of pressure can be put on kids from a young age, and could you imagine if she turns out not to be fierce at all? Will Kevin and Tríona be disappointed in her? I feel sorry for the child,” shared Beyoncé aunt Maria O’Neill.

“I’ll be honest I look at her and think ‘this baby doesn’t have a visionary album like Lemonade in her’ ya know?” Maria added.

Beyoncé O’Neill’s first few weeks since being born haven’t been helped by the fact that Beyoncé Knowles already had a record deal when she was 3 weeks old.

“We’re not happy with her, she knows that. Starting off slow in life, it’s not going to fly,” confirmed Beyoncé’s loving mother Tríona.