“It’s Not Nice To Be Held Against Your Will, Now Is It?” Ireland Tells Brexit Campaigners


A BOUYANT Irish public has pointed out to vocal Brexit campaigners seeking to leave the EU that ‘it is isn’t nice, is it? The feeling of being held against your will’.

“Yeah, it’s fairly shit isn’t it,” observed Dublin resident Eamon Killen, who has been actively enjoying the increase in panic and anger amongst the UK’s ‘Vote Leave’ campaign, which is seeking to extract itself out from underneath the suffocating claws of the EU and their tendency to have a say over British affairs.

“I’ve a fair idea of what you’re going through actually,” Killen added directly addressing the Vote Leave campaign this time, barely able to hide his delight.

The Remain campaign, which is seeking to stay in the EU are currently 10 points ahead in latest polls, meaning a large part of the UK may be forced to endure EU rule despite their objections.

“Oh Jesus, I’d say that would sting something awful if that was to happen. It would almost change your prospective on a few things, wouldn’t it?” Tyrone native Sarah Cullington expressed.

While most of Ireland has confirmed they are publicly taking no delight in seeing the increasingly fractious nature of the Brexit campaigns play out, they are privately said to be absolutely loving the delicious irony of Britain bemoaning being tied to a larger entity against the will of their people.