How To Cope With Conor McGregor’s Potential Retirement


IRELAND, the UFC world and the world world are all trying desperately to come to terms with the possibility that yes, Conor McGregor MMA Phenom is calling it a day on his career.

How does one cope with this going forward in their lives? WWN hopes to provide you, our dear readers, with the perfect template for doing just that.

Let it all out buddy

Shhh, there’s no need for words, we get it. You were there since the very start of when he was overwhelmingly popular and the biggest thing to happen to Irish sport since forever. You took a risk on him when he just hit his first million likes on Facebook.

Why God, why?

OK, time to settle down now guy, you’re in work.

Now, just get on with your day

Would you believe, it’s actually easier than it sounds, and it sounds ridiculously easy. Unless you are actually Conor McGregor then in that case, sure it’s going to be a tough adjustment period, but there’s plenty of opportunities on the horizon we’re sure.

No, seriously get on with your day

Honestly, just, you know, carry on about your business. What were you going to be doing on an average enough Wendesday? Do that. Stop crying, and relax. We did the crying bit already, you promised to be a big brave boy. Unless, of course you’re the actual Notorious, some tears are natural for Christ sake, it’s been a rollercoaster of a journey.

Officially draw your ‘UFC phase’ to a close

You can stop now. No need to prattle on about the sport, it’s done now. Great memories alright, some epic piss ups. You were just a boy when you entered this bandwagon and now you emerge an equally immature man. This one actually applies to both you and Conor, sort of.

Get a tattoo or something

Don’t know what to do with all those pesky emotions that have whirled around your head since that tweet made its vicious dart towards your heart yesterday evening? Ah, sure get a tattoo. We’re thinking something utterly idiotic like getting McGregor’s UFC record on your back, or maybe something about flooring Aldo in 13 seconds.

But, if we’re being honest our heart is really in you getting a tattoo of a panda riding on the back of an ostrich while holding a flamethrower. Pandas and ostriches – nature’s odd couple.