Aldo Admits To Fraping McGregor


FANS of UFC superstar Conor McGregor were given a fright today as the “Notorious” one sensationally quit the sport, only to learn that it was all a prank by Jose Aldo, who “fraped” McGregor after he left his Twitter account logged in by mistake.

Aldo, who lost his UFC Championship to McGregor in just 13 seconds, hurriedly typed ‘I’ve decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch Ya’s later ‘on Conor’s Twitter account, on the office computer of a Los Angeles gym, where McGregor had been training.

When questioned, Aldo admitted he had committed the frape, and clarified the cryptic “cheese” message.

“Yeah, I wanted to say ‘Thanks for everything Jose’, but the autocorrect was on” said Aldo, giggling mischievously.

“Needless to say, the internet went mad altogether. It was hilarious. He may have knocked me out in record time, but who is the real winner, overall? I think it’s me, don’t you agree?”.

McGregor, currently in the middle of a sparring session against a giant pile of money, is still unaware that the frape that took place, or that his iPhone has melted into a puddle due to notifications.