Delivery Guy Doesn’t Have Change For A Fifty


A DELIVERY guy working for a local Pizza parlor does not have any change for a fifty euro note, despite it being the core attribute of his job.

Karl Holden, who seems to think it’s all your fault, went on to request a smaller denomination of currency, whilst still clutching your food.

“Do you not have anything smaller?” he asked, with his stupid fucking face. “I actually don’t have change for a fifty”.

Undeterred by your impatient sigh, Holden stared vacantly at the note, as if he has never been put in this position before.

“You could have said you only had a fifty when you ordered,” he added, now glancing back at his car. “I can’t understand how people don’t have change. Now I’ll have to go back to the takeaway and get some”.

Still unaware of your utter disdain for him and his lack of worth, Holden hands you the food like he’s doing you a favour.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you the pizza and I’ll call back in a few minutes,” the absolute genius concluded.