Irish Politicians Reach New Levels Of Taking The Piss


THE Nation is fully in agreement with the latest research carried out on all 144 newly elected TDs, which suggest their levels of taking the piss have never been higher.

Party leaders clearly playing a game which puts their parties first ahead of the needs of the Nation, Independent TDs politely asking for a new everything in their constituency and other parties pretending to be outraged, have all inadvertently collaborated to raise the political class to its highest levels of taking the piss, since records began.

“This isn’t just anecdotal evidence, we’ve looked at every detail and piece of data we could, and the piss is being taken at the rate never seen before,” confirmed head of political analysis of the Institute of Studies, Cormac O’Brien.

While the Nation is fully aware that political negotiations are rarely straightforward and some leeway should always be given, it is also aware that almost everyone involved in all any aspect of attempts to form a government is just not even trying.

“Just consulting figures we obtained this morning, and it appears that in Leinster House there are currently 7,895 separate agendas being pursued by politicians who think we can’t see through the whole sordid charade,” O’Brien confirmed while being buried in a mountain of data.

Despite the overwhelming frustration expressed by the electorate, all politicians are to carry on pretending they are acting in the public interest.