Game Of Thrones Superfan Recreates Red Wedding Scene At His Own Wedding


IT always amazes us here at WWN, the incredible lengths wedding parties go to pay homage to the things their bride and groom is passionate about, but we think we’ve stumbled upon the most epic examples of this in a small town outside of Kent, England.

The groom, Thomas Moore, a complete and utter Game of Thrones NUT, lovingly recreated the infamous Red Wedding scene that shocked so many fans of the books and TV show and his efforts have gone viral in the last 24 hours.

In a clear and painstaking homage to the popular series Moore (29) managed to plunge a knife into a number of seemingly vital characters in his life, ruthlessly killing them in the process.

“You could tell he was one of those mega-fans, the body count was exactly the same,” revealed first police officer on the scene, Colin Banks, “and the CCTV footage from the hotel reception venue suggests he had watched that episode multiple times. He had it replicated perfectly”.

Video footage of the wedding has gone viral with thousands of like minded websites sharing it, ensuring Moore joins the ranks of Charlie Bit My Finger as a viral star we now all know and love.

And Moore has many new fans, including Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, who tweeted a link to a story on Moore’s epic efforts with the words ‘OMG OMG OMG, I can’t even wrap my head around this’.

Neither can we, awesome effort by Mr. Moore.

“And when you bear in mind your typical wedding budget is nowhere near that of a Game of Thrones episode, you can’t help but be impressed,” officer Banks concluded.