Little Dote: Prince George’s Horns Finally Growing


DRESSED in cute little blue dungarees and navy polo neck, Prince George gasped in amazement with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at all the wonders India has to offer on this, their 2,345th trip abroad this year.

In fact, the third in line to the throne couldn’t have looked more excited, brandishing his adorable little baby horns, which the Duchess said started sprouting last week.

“Look how quickly they’ve come on,” she pointed out to reporters in Delhi this morning, after stopping off at a botanical gardens. “He just loves crushing all the flowers and plants here. Such a beautiful place to be. I think I can speak for George when I say, we love India. It’s so… Indian!”

Admittedly, the little prince spent a couple of days before settling into the seventh-largest country in the world, due to its incredibly hot climate.

“He seems to like the place,” William explained. “All we keep hearing is ‘my India’, ‘rule India’, we don’t know where he gets it from. He’s a right little devil at times”.

The royal couple’s seven-day tour will see them travel to India’s poorest and impoverished areas in a bid make themselves feel a little better about their vast wealth and fortunes.