Specsavers Unveil New ‘Reality Reality’ Headset


SPECSAVERS have stunned Silicon Valley companies and the tech industry as a whole by releasing a game changing product they have dubbed ‘Reality Reality’.

Enthusiasm normally reserved for Apple product launches could be felt as the top secret Reality Reality headset was revealed.

The fallout of the unveiling is already making headlines as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to be livid that Specsavers have stolen the limelight from Oculus Rift.

The ocular specialists revealed their latest innovation in a packed auditorium as Specsavers chief executive Martin Stone delighted a clearly amazed crowd with a stunning demonstration which suggests that they have produced the most unique invention in the tech world in recent memory.

Taking an enthusiastic member of the audience up on stage, the Reality Reality headset was placed on his head and the scale of just what was happening was lost on absolutely no one.

“He just started saying the display had a sort of HD he had never seen before, the display was crystal clear,” Duncan Richards, who attended the launch shared with WWN.

“The navigation is flawless, and I could be wrong, but there is literally no buttons or interface to speak of, it’s really quite astonishing,” Richards added.

The Reality Reality Near Sighted and the Reality Reality Far Sighted models prices has yet to be revealed.