Bizarre Scenes As Woman Appears To Use Eircom Phonebox To Make Phone Call


THERE has been widespread confusion in Dublin city centre, this lunchtime as reports appear to claim a woman used an old Eircom phonebox to make an actual phone call, WWN has learned.

Eye witnesses described the phonebox, located on Ashton Quay as being ‘in an absolute state’ with the last known incident of a phone call related incident occurring in early 1999.

“I was baffled, dumbfounded. I thought something is not right here as she reached for change to put in the phone,” confirmed bewildered witness to the event, Colm Healy.

“Has she not a mobile phone on her? Or a spare mobile phone when her main one runs out of battery? And I thought it wasn’t on at all, like that’s someone’s home after all,” Healy explained, pointing out that the phonebox is primarily used by a homeless man when seeking refuge from the cold.

Staff of the rebranded Eir, the company which owns the phonebox, were equally confused by the whole episode pointing out that the coin slot was probably stuffed with chewing gum and the number pad or phone itself was significantly melted away by using a lighter. It is believed only 3 shops in Ireland still sell calling cards.

“When I rang them on my phone to say ‘look, I don’t want to worry you but someone is after using your phonebox’ they just dismissed it and said it was probably someone shooting up and having a laugh,” Healy added.

Eir spent millions of euros in the mid-2000s on an awareness campaign which targeted elderly people as well as young people up from the country for the day, making them aware of the existence of mobile phones resulting in a dramatic decline in the use of phoneboxes for making actual phonecalls.