Nail Biter Down To Arm Stub ‘Just Can’t Help Himself’


A SEASONED nail biter has been left with just a stump for an arm after his crippling habit went unchecked by friends, families, and co-workers.

George Kennelly, with an address on a street, was so consumed by his compulsion to rid his 10 fingers of any trace of fingernails, he kept biting until one arm was down to a small stub.

“I always relied on my mam to tell me to stop, but I moved out recently and so I didn’t have any reminders to cut it out,” the 52-year-old salesman told WWN.

“It’s when I’m distracted by something else I just lose the run of myself. I never notice, ya know? I blitzed the latest season of House of Cards in one day, looked down at my hand and there was blood everywhere,” George explained.

The nail biting addict had been afflicted with his crippling addiction since the age of just 7, when one day his nail had that annoying bit off skin hanging off at the edge of his nail. He was hooked from that day onwards.

“But on the plus side, those annoying nails aren’t coming back on that hand, are they?” brave George remarked, trying to see the bright side.