Irish Adult Movie Stars Share Their Grossest On-Set Experiences


You are being warned: the following article on Irish adult movie stars sharing their grossest set moments is not sexy and may cause some readers to become offended or even sick.

Glenda Kenny

“We were doing this adult movie based on Glenroe. Miley was played by this enormous African man named Henry, and Biddy was cast as a four foot tall Filipino man named Ki. Anyway, in the scene, Biddy had to make him a cup of tea, but instead of milk, she used the canned, condensed stuff. Well, the whole set nearly puked on the spot”.

Hazel Woods


“There was this scene where a donkey called to the door to fix the stables out back. I was meant to show the donkey where the problem was, but it kept forgetting its lines. Instead of saying ‘I’m hung like a donkey’, he said ‘Hee haw’. The director got so mad at him that he actually soiled himself on set in front of the whole crew. I was mortified for him. Needless to say, he’s now working in retail”.

Peadar Foyle


“We were shooting this midget orgy scene when one of the cast went missing. Little did we know he was lodged in one of the girls. We had to call the fire brigade to cut him out. I’m still seeing a therapist”.

Mick ‘The Micky’ Rice 


“On the set of Wanderly Wagons III there was a scene involving Sneaky Snake and Forty Coats tag teaming Godmother. Forty took ages getting all his coats off. The final one had to be chiselled off by members of the crew. That stench will never leave my mind, neither will the sight of the Judge licking his own balls. I gave up adult entertainment shortly after”.

Peggy ‘3 tit’ Thompson 

Women With Three Breast

“I suppose the sickest thing I’ve seen on set was a Japanese girl with a pixelated pair of breasts and snatch. I don’t know why someone would get that procedure done to themselves, but Jesus, the fucking mess of the toilet after her, every time. Pixels all over the toilet seat and floor. Apparently it’s very hard to pee or poop after getting it done”.

Daniel O’Donnell


“One time we had used snot for lube. It wasn’t mine either. One of the sound lads had a cold, so we got him to hock into a coffee cup. Kept the whole cast going for the whole day. We still call him KY. And he’s from Kerry!”