Tampons Recalled After Failing Kitesurfing Test


FEMIPAX, a leading manufacturer of feminine sanitary products, has been forced to pull their line of tampons from supermarket shelves after it was found they were unsuitable for use while Kitesurfing.

By EU standards, all tampons should provide lasting freshness and confidence to women all day, regardless of what activity they may get up to.

Tampons are factory tested to ensure that they are suitable for use while a menstruating woman go about her normal day of MMA fighting, playing hockey, eating lunch in an expensive restaurant with her friends, rock-climbing, and driving around town in a convertible while drinking an iced coffee.

Although Femipax insist that their Womanscope line of tampons are more than suitable for riding bicycles and playing volleyball while on your period, they concede that when it comes to the adrenaline sport of kite surfing, several issues may occur.

“We’re recalling all Womanscope products immediately, until we can be sure that they are suitable for women who love Kitesurfing,” said Sarah Handler, spokesperson for Femipax. “We would also like to apologise for any distress caused by our latest advertisement, which suggested Womanscope was suitable for use while Kitesurfing.

“We are currently embroiled in a false-advertisement suit arising from this ad, and we will not be commenting on the matter until this is resolved” she revealed.

If you have any Womanscope in your possession, you are entitled to a full refund. Simply Rollerblade back to where you made your purchase, and remember to bring the receipt.