Dublin Girl ‘Totally Chilled Out’ After First Yoga Class


DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly has had a completely transformative experience after 30 minutes of a beginner’s yoga class, WWN can confirm.

Despite only taking up yoga since yesterday evening and attending just one introductory class, the benefits of the experience have clearly manifested themselves in Emer’s new and barely recognisable Zen-like calm.

“You wouldn’t believe how chilled out you get, I was totally chilled out, even if the instructor was a complete bitch,” Emer shared with her friends while catching up over lunch.

“Seriously, a no phones rule is a bit of a Nazi policy, and as a Yogi, that’s like a yoga black belt, she should know it goes against the whole vibe, plus I was basically promoting her class on Snapchat” Emer added, before reiterating her high levels of chilled out-ness.

Emer also affirmed that there was no need to engage in any of the specific instructions or poses, as yoga, as far as she is concerned, is a unique spiritual state of mind.

“I’ll probably go again at some stage, but you can basically yoga anywhere, I’m yogaing right now even though I’m with you guys,” Emer explained to friends, Ciara and Zara, despite Emer’s hunch that the finer details of yoga would fly right over their narrow minded and ignorant heads.