Paul Murphy Hoping Jury Has Seen ‘Making A Murderer’


DUBLIN TD Paul Murphy is hoping the majority of the jury in his upcoming trial has watched the engrossing Netflix documentary ‘Making a Murderer’, WWN can reveal.

The documentary, which hints at a police conspiracy to convict a seemingly innocent man of a crime he didn’t commit will, Murphy believes, serve as a lesson to anyone on the jury of his trial.

“If anyone has seen that show, they’ll be aware of how intricate these plots against individuals can become, and maybe they can see the same has happened to poor old me,” the TD said, speaking of his upcoming trial for allegedly falsely imprisoning Tánaiste Joan Burton in her own car.

“And if that jury got crazy obsessed with the documentary, then they could get crazy obsessed with me, each piece of evidence from the prosecution would be like the end of an episode, they won’t be able to wait for the next one,” Murphy added enthusiastically, clearly hoping a potential gross miscarriage of justice can be avoided.

Murphy’s counsel is also hopeful people have watched the shocking documentary as they feel it can only help their client’s case.

“And I’ll be standing there, speaking all my lawyer stuff and the jury will probably think ‘oh my god, he’s so smart defending Paul against the baddy police men’,” Murphy’s barrister excitedly explained to WWN.

Murphy sadly confirmed no documentary crew expressed an interest in filming the trial before pitching it to Netflix.