“New Ghostbusters Trailer Looks Amazing” Says Man Afraid Of Being Labeled A Misogynist


DESPITE thinking that the newly-released trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters looks like a poor imitation of the beloved 1980’s classic, one local man has taken to social media to proclaim that it looks “amazing” and “hilarious” in a bid to not look like he’s a misogynist.

The new version of the spectral action-comedy sees a troop of four ladies teaming up to tackle a ghoulish invasion of New York, and has brought out thousands of knuckle-dragging misogynists who claim the new movie cannot possibly be any good because it has a female-centric cast.

Dungarvan native Cian Hanlon doesn’t really care whether the new cast was men, women or a mix of both, but was hoping that the new movie would at least be as funny, scary and exciting as the original.

Contrary to how he was feeling when he watched the trailer, Hanlon reposted the clip on his Twitter along with the caption “OMG can’t wait”, just to be sure that nobody accused him of being a woman-hating prick.

“I loved Bridesmaids, but this is just pure shite.” said Hanlon, stressing that he doesn’t like the look of the new movie.

“But I can’t say anything about it because I’ll get dragged into the virtual streets on Twitter and have the virtual crap kicked out of me. I’m still reeling from the time I was called homophobic because I didn’t like Brokeback Mountain”.

Meanwhile, the staff at WWN have watched the new trailer and they all think it looks great and can’t wait to see it.