Waterford Family Describe Heartbreak After Learning Teenage Son Has Notions


ONE brave Waterford family has made the decision to talk publicly about the fact that their teenage son has notions, in a bid to help other families battling with the same affliction.

Sharon and Keith O’Reilly posted an open letter on their Facebook pages to describe the heartbreak they felt after learning their 18-year-old son Adam’s battle with ideas above his station had worsened into full-blown notions.

It is believed that Adam contracted notions during the first term of an arts degree in UCD, and has suffered symptoms such as cooking his own meals when he gets home at the weekend, and wearing clothes from a shop other than Penneys.

The tragic teenager no longer socialises with the people he went to secondary school with, and is believed to have a girlfriend in Dublin who is not Irish.

The O’Reilly family wrote a post on Facebook describing the consequences of living with a notion-riddled teenager which has been shared thousands of times.

“Sometimes he’ll wake up on a Sunday morning, throw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and sit watching Pawn Stars, and it’s like the old Adam is back again,” wrote Sharon, described online as ‘Ireland’s bravest woman’.

“Other times he’ll come with me when I’m doing a shop to send back up to Dublin with him, and he’ll insist on buying organic produce and soy milk. That’s the thing with notions; it strips away everything you loved about the person, and just leaves a prick in its place”.

Since the open letter was posted on Facebook, the O’Reilly’s received the devastating news that Adam had just been cast in a UCD drama society production of Glengarry Glen Ross, a sure sign that he now has stage 3 notions, also known as uppytiness.