Trump Overheard Praising Mexicans And Chinese After Accidentally Leaving Mic On


REPUBLICAN presidential hopeful Donald Trump suffered an unfortunate political gaffe at a supporters’ rally last night, after accidentally forgetting to turn off his mic and broadcasting several quite liberal statements to the crowd.

Trump was speaking to thousands of people at a rally in Texas when he made the embarrassing goof, when after an hour of extremely xenophobic and at times downright ludicrous outbursts he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

The 69-year-old billionaire, having seemingly forgotten to turn off his lapel microphone, was heard talking to himself while he urinated into a urinal backstage. Trumps musing, which angered and confused many people who had come to support him, were heard all across the packed 50,000 seater arena as aides rushed to tell him his mic was still on.

“You could hear urine flowing, and then Mr. Trump speaking,” said one supporter, who was shocked to hear Trump advocating both gun control and planned parenthood over the announce system.

“He was humming a song to himself, and saying how he wasn’t going to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and that the Chinese were not a threat to the US economy. He was just starting to talk about how women should get more respect, when you could hear someone say ‘Donald, your mic is on’, and Trump went ‘oh shit’, zipped his fly up and came running out”.

A clearly flustered Trump was able to get the crowd back on his side with a 45 minute speech about how he would make it mandatory for every toddler to carry an assault rifle, which got the crowd back to their flag-waving selves.