Neighbour Wanted In Connection With Double Murder


GARDAÍ have issued a nationwide manhunt for a Dublin man after two bodies were found in a neighbouring house earlier this morning.

The bodies of Rachel and Steve Horan were found by their postman after he noticed their front door was smashed open while delivering mail to the residence.

“I thought it odd that the door was smashed open and halfway up the hall,” said the postman, who is now contemplating a career in crime investigation. “So, I entered the house and found the bodies of Steve and Rachel… sorry, Rachel and Steve, just lying there, motionless, and very quiet, for once”.

Gardaí believe the couple knew their assailant as there was no signs of a struggle.

“Both Rachel and Steve were found to have broken necks and we are looking to question their neighbour, who had just moved into the area,” said a Garda spokesperson. “The sheer force he entered the house with and the way he just snapped their necks like that, suggests the man was very strong and tall, and was filled with a lot of pent up irritation and rage.”

Neighbours said the new resident seemed very quiet and liked to ‘keep himself to himself’.

“I told Steve and Rachel, or whatever the fuck they liked to call themselves, to ease off on him a bit, as he just moved in,” said one neighbour. “But they just kept hovering around him every time he left his house.”

Removal will take place tomorrow night to a local church, where they are to be buried this Sunday morning.