Waterford Mother ‘Not Racist, But’


AWKWARD scenes have unfolded in a Waterford city home as mother of seven Laura O’Connell began a sentence with “now, I’m not racist, but”, WWN can exclusively reveal.

O’Connell (65), had felt the need to prop up the beginning of her sentence with an explicit statement regarding her lack of racism as she was aware what was to follow was unabashedly racist.

“Shit, shit, Mam’s after saying she’s not racist,” O’Connell’s youngest daughter Siobhan alerted her other siblings, also present in the room.

“Ah, now, stop that, I was just… I’m not racist, but,” O’Connell repeated to further protests from her children who had only popped over for a cup of tea and a catch up.

The retired primary school teacher’s frustration grew as her daughters politely requested that she think before speaking, something O’Connell claims she does every time in the pre-talking phrase of speaking out loud.

“No, no, all I’m saying is: did you hear Deirdre Healy was mugged in the ATM queue the other day, I’m not racist, but, it has to have been one of them,” O’Connell confirmed to loud cuffaws from her children.

While it is not clear, it is suspected that O’Connell was referring to a Syrian refugee family in Waterford who don’t actually exist yet, or the local guard Sean O’Hanlon, who just happens to be black.

“Jesus, you can’t say anything in this house anymore,” O’Connell concluded.