Waterford Father Horrified To Learn The Real Meaning Of ‘Netflix & Chill’


A NAIVE Waterford father is facing therapy session bills running into the thousands of euro after discovering that the seemingly benign phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’, used frequently by his adult children, carries with it sexual undertones.

Despite containing the words ‘Netflix’ and ‘chill’, the phrase is actually used by both men and women to politely insinuate they would very much like to spend the evening going at it hammer and thongs.

“I’m shaking, you can see that I’m shaking, right?” Frank Hanley, a 58-year-old father of three daughters explained to WWN shortly after a close friend and fellow father explained the phrase’s true meaning.

“I’m haunted now that I think of the number of times I’ve overheard their boyfriends mention it,” Frank shared, with a look that suggested he was trying to add up the total number of times his three daughters’ boyfriends Netflix and chilled the living daylights out of the apples of his eye.

“The dirty bastards,” Frank added, now settling into a gentle pose of rocking back and forth while sitting in a corner.

Frank is expected to spend much of the day consulting popular internet site Urban Dictionary for a cast iron definition of the phrase before sharing the grave news with his wife Sinead, who has been well aware of the phrase’s true meaning for some time.