“You Can Wash My Car When You’re Done,” Jests Hilarious Neighbour


FOR the one hundredth time, the avenues of a small Wicklow suburb have rung loud with laughter as local man Sean Cahill cracked his amazingly hilarious “you can wash my car when you’re done” joke to one of his neighbours.

Cahill, a grown man, trots out the classic line every time he sees one of his neighbours washing their car, usually once a week.

Despite not knowing his neighbours by name, Cahill still thinks he’s on good enough terms with everyone to walk up to them as they’re washing their car and suggest in a jovial manner that they clean his when they’re done.

This amazing lark is not limited to car washing, it also applies to car hoovering, lawn mowing, window washing and gutter clearing, giving Cahill plenty of opportunities to show the residents of Hazelbrook Drive just how much of a gas character he really is.

“You should see the look on their faces when I say ‘you can clean mine when you’re finished'” said Cahill, doubled over with laughter.

“I say, ‘you can clean mine when you’re finished’, and they just give me a face as if to say, ‘ha ha, nice one’. I’m not doing it justice here, you’d really have to see it to get the full glory of it”.

Cahills neighbours were unavailable for comment, because they hate him.