Waterford Man Going To Amsterdam For The ‘Culture’ Fooling Nobody


SINGLE Waterford man Aaron Quinlan has failed in his attempts to convince his circle of friends that his upcoming trip to Amsterdam is for the sole purpose of ‘cultural enrichment’.

Making the announcement on his Facebook feed that he booked the 5-day solo trip on a whim, the 25-year-old wrote “Can’t wait – so much culture Anne Frank, Van Goff and canals”.

“Is dis the same Aaron who hasn’t got the ride in about 2 years and loves the reefer? Yeah culture me hole boi” read a comment left below the Waterford man’s status from long time friend Tommy Filan, which was much liked by Quinlan’s friends.

Quinlan later acknowledged to himself that the incorrect spelling of the post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh was a foolish error, but his recent Google searches had been confined to terms such as ‘can foreigners still smoke in Amsterdam’, ‘brothels’ and ‘how much’.

The barman nevertheless attempted to keep the air of a cultural expedition to Amsterdam in tact.

“Ha-ha, ah no seriously, it’s got like class architecture and that, can’t wait,” Quinlan retorted, convincing no one in doubt of his true intentions.

Quinlan’s 5-day prostitution and drug bender is set to take place some time in June of this year.