Business Student Has Crazy Dream Of Setting Up Website That Rips Off Other Websites To Make A Profit


A VISIONARY final year business student from UCC has admitted to wanting to fulfil a lifelong ambition that he believes many of his peers will describe as ‘completely out there’.

As the final year of his studies is coming to a close, 22-year-old Robert Kilbride has turned his attention to the future, applying all the knowledge he has absorbed over the last 4 years towards a truly exceptional business idea.

“The business landscape has changed so much, even from when I started studying,” Robert explained to WWN, “but, I think I’ve found a way to channel my focus, determination and vision into this one great idea, but I’m not sure the world is ready for it,” he cautioned.

“Many will say it’s a crazy dream, but I look out at the local and global business communities and just have a huge passion for business and how it works and you have to have that,” the student further enthused.

Despite his obvious drive, his goal of starting his own business has been dismissed by his peers as ultimately crazy and foolhardy. “I’d suggest it’s almost too ambitious and grand in its scope,” Robert’s classmate Sheena Foley told WWN.

“There will always be doubters, but I honestly think there’s a huge future in stealing content from websites and then profiting from it. Do you not ever watch a funny video and think ‘I honestly have no fucking clue how to do entertaining and engaging stuff myself, but if I steal it, I could make some money?’ It’s a no brainer and I feel the sky is the limit,” Robert passionately intoned.

“My passion for business and this product is only matched by my love of banter. Ask anyone, cut me and I bleed banter,” the student confirmed.

Robert however, did caution that the pace of growth for his burgeoning idea would be slow at first.

“I’ll start off stealing things from less popular sites that aren’t Irish, there’s less chance of being found out that way, and the profits should come rolling in as a result,” the exceptionally driven business leader explained.