New Leaving Cert Subject ‘Politics & Society’ To Gloss Over How Terrible Ireland Can Be


A WAVE of positivity greeted the news that a new subject will be available to students sitting their Leaving Cert next year as a Politics & Society module becomes part of the senior examination cycle.

However, with the subject’s content still being ironed out many fear Politics & Society will gloss over particularly harrowing and terrible passages of recent political history in Ireland.

“They’ve enough to be worrying about with the exams themselves, so glossing over all of it might be for the best,” minister for education Jan O’Sullivan confirmed to WWN.

“An education system that seeks to explain exactly why their future lives will be so unrewarding, devoid of self-fulfilment and horribly unequal is a huge welcome,” explained education expert Rory Moran, “to learn ahead of time, why Ireland is such a truly botched attempt at a functioning democracy is frankly a great and unexpected step forward for Irish education”.

Other experts do not share Moran’s opinion, instead worried for the wellbeing of young students.

“Jesus, we’ll give them nightmares if we just let them know the truth,” shared education expert Jane Harney, “it would be terrible for young people to learn that a politician once tried to arrange the delivery of arms to a terrorist organisation called the IRA and then a few years after he was found out, he was put in charge of the entire country, they’ll need counselling after hearing that”.

A small movement of experts maintain that the subject will teach students to engage with reality and slowly begin to dislike the country they live in while teachers faced with teaching the subject remain unimpressed.

“Yeah, I can’t imagine they’ll be doing much on rampant corruption among politicians or the clandestine and unholy marriage of Church and State which left so many children abused, and women having their babies sold off against their will,” Sarah Sullivan, a secondary school teacher shared with WWN, “this will be about as much use as CSPE”.