Alan Obama, Barack Obama’s Brother Sensationally Enters Presidential Race


IN what is surely the most unbelievable development in a uniquely bizarre American presidential election cycle, the younger brother of current US President Barack Obama, has entered the race.

Alan Obama, who has remained staunchly apolitical and out of the public eye in his life up until this point has been persuaded by several prominent Democratic party fundraisers to belatedly enter the race as an Independent candidate, with his brother set to sensationally endorse him later today.

The youthful 38-year-old single librarian and father of none, currently living in Hawaii, has little to no political experience, but a huge amount of polling has been carried by his billionaire backers, chief among them George Soros, which suggests the country has grown tired of Clinton, Trump and Cruz, with the Sanders campaign running out of steam too.

Alan has spoken candidly to the New York Times in an extended interview, which will be publich in full tomorrow. Extracts from the interview, included below, reveal an affable and humble man ready to carry on the Obama legacy

“I’m a quiet guy, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever won an argument with my brother, so I’m not confident of facing off against Mr. Trump if it comes to it. I can only hope the American people see I can help them if given the chance,” Alan explained, his arms awkwardly crossed as barely grasped at the words, or even, the task ahead.

The move by Alan has been declared ‘unprecedented’ by experts from all sides of the political divide.

“I took a look at the candidates in both the Republican and Democratic races and thought I might be the only chance of America electing someone who isn’t profoundly psychotic. For anyone who knows me, they know this is a bit out of character for me,” Alan told me, seated underneath a large painting of himself and his brother, Barack playing their annual family basketball match.

“Barack was the cool one growing up, I was the wallflower, but I think it’s my time to shine,” Alan concluded while blowing his nose.