Drunk Men In Smoking Area Form Unbreakable 30 Second Friendship


MOVING scenes observed by the general public were reported from the smoking area of D2 nightclub late last night, as two men under the influence of alcohol formed an unbreakable bond which lasted less than a full minute.

Niall Spillane, a student from Carlow made the first steps towards the foundations of a bond which brought many patrons of the club to tears, when he approached Conor Higgins, a 25-year-old bank clerk and asked him for a light.

Higgins, barely able to comprehend what was going on around him after ingesting a worrying amount of alcohol, fumbled at his trouser pockets in a vein attempt to locate a lighter, thus putting the once in a lifetime friendship at risk.

However, tensions between the two were then eased and the pathway to a near imperceptible simpatico was paved when both men witnessed a similarly intoxicated woman fall to the ground after failing to master the art of walking in 6 inch heels.

“Wah-hey, you fell over,” the pair said in unison, as if their brains were somehow linked. Recognising the unique, once in a millenia bond, both men were compelled to high five each other, before embracing in a hug, barely remaining upright such was their collective drunkeness. Several other men excitedly charged over to join in, but could not form as strong a bond.

“Right man, class, later, yeah, see ya man yeah,” Spillane was rumoured to have said, if eyewitness accounts are to be believed, in a manner which suggested English might have been only his seventh or eight language. And with that their unbreakable friendship had been solidified.

“I’m just glad I was there to witness it, see their embrace, the look in both their eyes, their warm smiles, it was so preciously life changing,” Emer Dunne, a woman present in the smoking area at the time confirmed to WWN.