Dublin Girl Gets A Boyfriend In Time For Valentine’s Day


DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly has strategically placed herself in a new romantic relationship just in time to reap all the rewards an impending Valentine’s Day can bring.

Emer confirmed to friends in a specially set up Whatsapp group entitled ‘New Year, New Me, New Boyfriend’ that she had targeted an impressionable young man working in the financial services industry who seemed to have a lot of disposable income.

“If I play this right, I could see myself in New York, Rome or Paris come V Day,” Emer confirmed in response to her friend Ciara’s question ‘do you actually like him?’

“I’ll start dropping hints about needing new makeup, jewellery and clothes as soon as, but mentioning a new car might be stretching it,” Emer said, outlining all the positives that could emerge from her new romance with Gavin Prentice (25).

While Emer was excited about the short term benefits of securing a boyfriend for the Valentine’s period, her thoughts never strayed too far from further into the future.

“I haven’t added him on Snapchat or Facebook or anything yet, just because when I dump once we’re back from New York or wherever, it’ll just be that bit more awkward,” the unlucky in love 22-year-old explained to her Whatsapp group.