Dáil Passes Motion Of ‘She’s Alright I Suppose’ In Joan Burton


THE Tánaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton survived a motion of no confidence yesterday after the Dáil returned a vote of ‘she’s alright I suppose’.

“I don’t think anyone cares either way at this point,” explained an opposition TD, who admitted her attention had turned to the election.

“I’m fucking sick of this, can we just have the bloody election already,” she added.

While the number required for a ‘she’s alright, I suppose’ is relatively low it does mean the politician will continue in her capacity as Tanaiste until the end of the 31th Dáil.

“It’s a vote that indicates TDs on both sides of the house aren’t really arsed anymore with petty squabbles as they know the election is on the horizon and they just want to get that over with,” confirmed political commentator Niall Toland.

Burton has hailed to fairly unimpressive vote, sighting it as as huge boost.

“To know my colleagues sort of have confidence in me, is humbling,” the Tanaiste confirmed.

The Dublin TD went on to confirm that the controversy surrounding her appointment of David Begg to the Pensions Authority isn’t cronyism when she does it.