Sore Losers Confirm Oscars Boycott


THIS year’s Oscars ceremony is set to be on the receiving end of a large scale boycott, carried out by a varied selection of sore losers.

The Oscars, a film awards ceremony famed for handing out golden statuettes to both deserving and completely undeserving movies, has a long history of criticism from those who have been omitted from the nomination lists.

At the forefront of criticism is that white actors made up the entirety of the acting nominations in movies that many have described as ‘good’, ‘very good’, ‘ok’ and ‘bad’.

“It’s symptomatic of a larger societal problem, I don’t get why Sylvester Stallone’s shit performance is more valued than my shit performance in Concussion,” mused Will Smith, who was disappointed by his omission from the nominee list after his work in a movie liked by some people, and disliked by others.

The Academy voters, made up of predominantly white voters are expected to vote for actors of colour in future years, regardless of merit, thanks to mounting pressure and last year’s omission of David Oyelowo’s commanding performance in Selma which was presumably more omitted than both Riz Ahmed and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performances in Nightcrawler.

Forging a path towards a fairer, more inclusive awards ceremony, many African Americans working in the industry have demanded the opportunity to have their roles receive nominations.

“It’s not a lot to ask to have our hard work acknowledged by the academy. Filmmaking is a subjective field, a meritocracy of sorts and we can only accept that if a satisfactory number of black people are nominated each and every year,” Smith’s wife and fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith added.

It is thought many people seeking a change to the make up of nominees only want them for important awards like acting and directing and not boring stuff like sound editing and costume design.

Adam Sandler joined calls for a more inclusive awards when he once again lamented the fact that his truly awful movies have been ignored by academy voters.