Prince George Disembowels Queen’s Corgi ‘Because He Wanted To See Its Insides’


ADORABLE king in waiting Prince George reached yet another milestone in his young life after his first psychopathic disemboweling of one of his great-grandmother’s beloved corgis.

While unconfirmed as yet through official royal family channels, palace insiders believe George was happily playing by himself until a chirpy corgi crossed his path on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

After several minutes of ominous staring into the soul of the corgi, the toddler prince is believed to have hacked into the dog using a knife, before gleefully smearing himself in its blood and entrails.

“Boys will be boys. We all know what we were like when we were younger,” an ashen faced and petrified Prince William allegedly told the Queen as he rushed to the scene. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Prince George was unapologetic in a cute manner only he could achieve by stating “the blood tasted nice, I did it because I wanted to see its insides, Daddy, what do your insides look like?” the irrepressible darling cooed.