Couple Snuggle In For Nightly ‘Put Your Phone Away’ Argument


A LOCAL couple has reportedly just sat down on the couch for the evening before partaking in their nightly ‘put your phone away’ argument, it has been revealed.

Deirdre and Kevin Dolan said they usually sit down for the disagreement around 8pm, after getting the children off to bed.

“I do be on-the-go all day, so I do be wrecked and in no mood for anything,” Deirdre began, making exaggerated exhausted noises for her partner to acknowledge. “We usually throw on the bit of telly around eight o’clock before tearing into one another.”

The couple explained that it is usually the other one that starts it first.

“She seems to think it’s okay to check her phone during ad breaks,” Mr. Dolan explains. “So I usually say nothing and just do the same. But then she does this really annoying thing: she puts her phone down first, leaves it there for 30 seconds, and then begins giving out to me for being on mine. She gets me every time and I keep falling for it.”

It is believed the couple spends an average of 53 minutes per night arguing over their phone usage, despite both parties being in the wrong.

“I suppose we could just have a rule not to check our phones at all,” Deirdre pointed out. “But where’s the fun in that? How will I know what’s being said online about the program I’m watching. You can’t expect someone to just watch television without looking at comments from people you barely talk to anymore”.