Cat Gets 33-Year-Old IT Consultant As Spirit Animal


A WATERFORD cat has shared the results of an online quiz which reveals its “spirit animal” to be a 33-year-old human with a job in IT.

Frances “Puddy” Jennings, 4, took the “What Is Your Spirit Animal” quiz after seeing it appear on her friends Facebook feeds over the past week.

The Dungarvan cat had hoped to get something cool as a spirit animal, such as a tiger or a fireman, but was dismayed upon completing the 18 multiple-choice questions only to see that her spirit animal was a fairly boring creature.

Puddy attempted to re-do the quiz several times, tweaking the answers to questions such as “Do you find yourself seeking validation of yourself from others” so that they were still more or less true, but maybe different enough to give a better result.

Unfortunately, the results of the survey kept returning “33-year-Old IT Bod” as the animal that best encapsulates the soul of the unemployed cat-of-two, and Puddy resigned herself to sharing the result on Facebook.

“LOL, not sure what this quiz knows,” wrote Jennings, in a bid to laugh off the results.

“Any1 that knows me knows my real spirit animal is an eagle or a US marine! LOL!!”

The cat received a total of 11 likes on the post, with several other cats assuring her that she was “deffo not an IT person LOL”.